NROC Math Player - Accessibility Guide

Table of Contents

Tabbing and the Math Explorer
Description of Course and Landmarks
Video Walkthrough Example


Welcome to the NROC Math Player - Accessibility Guide. This guide explains how to navigate the player using screen readers. You should read this guide before launching the player in order to understand the structure of the course and the screen reader technology to use. We recommend using the Chrome browser from Google and installing the ChromeVox extension. This setup works best with our player. We do test other screen readers, such as NVDA and Jaws but have found that ChromeVox works the best. If you do use other screen readers, there may be some questions that are difficult to work through such as matching questions and the various graphing questions.

Tabbing and the Math Explorer

For our math product, tabbing may seem strange until you understand the interactive explorer. Often, you will run across a paragraph with some math in it. The paragraph is spoken naturally with the math in the middle of the sentence. Then when you press tab, it will jump to each math element so that you may explore it further. Pressing shift+space will activate the explorer and you may break down the expression with the arrow keys. Use up/down arrows to "zoom in and out". Use right/left arrows to "walk across" the expression.

Description of Course and Landmarks

Before you launch the player, it is helpful to understand the structure of the course. Each player represents 1 topic of the course. Each topic begins on the Topic Home screen. The Topic Home screen has some content summarizing what this topic is about, a main menu, a global menu that is accessible from every screen, and some complementary information to the side. Wherever possible, we have set up landmarks to make groupings of navigable elements easier to get to. Following is a description of each screen in the player, starting with the Topic Home screen. You can use landmarks to jump ahead to other areas of the screen or you can just use tab. The entire player can be navigated with tab, arrow keys, and either space or enter as an action key.

Topic Home

Main Menu

The main menu includes 6 items. Several of those items are video presentations or assessments and share the same user interface navigation. Here is a description of the various items you can jump to from the main menu.

In addition to the 6 menu items, there are a few global items accessible throughout the player. Instead of describing these on every screen, here's a succinct list of globally available items.

Globally Available Navigation Items

Video Presentations

All presentations include the global navigation elements plus one new Main Landmark (NROC Video Player) which includes these items for controlling video.

Assessment Items

The Warm Up, Practice, and Review all share a common interface of various question-types. Each assessment starts with instructions, followed by a sequence of questions, followed by a summary screen. In all assessments, except for the Review, the questions provide feedback after answering. If you get a question wrong, you get 1 opportunity to answer the question again. The summary screen provides statistics about your results and may provide additional materials you should study. Possible question types are:

Text Materials

The Topic Text, Glossary, and Help include text materials in the main player's frame. Tab into the frame to start reading. You may want to adjust your screen-reader's focus level to just paragraphs or sentences, as the text can be quite long to hear all at once. Some resources, like the text, include glossary items that can be revealed by tabbing to a glossary link and clicking the item.

Video Example

If you would like to watch a video walkthrough of the player's accessibility support click the link. Video Demonstration

Note: since this video was recorded, there have been some improvements including: